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In the Mescal Hornbeck Community Center
And on Andy Lee Recreation Field
56 Rock City Road, Woodstock NY

12:30 pm to 6:00 pm – Music, Entertainment
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm Food – Buffet
3:30 pm – Guests of Honor Dedication
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm – Music
8:30 pm – Alf Evers
9:00 pm – Fireworks


Have you seen the Emergency Rescue Squad or the fire companies in action? Have you needed them? Have you been vaccinated by the volunteer army organized by Neal Smoller? Have you been on the Village Green and enjoyed the gardens there and the other gardens around town? Isn’t it heartening that we have Family of Woodstock, Daily Bread Soup Kitchen, Hospice, Woodstock Area Meals on Wheels, and the Food Pantry? Have you seen a performance at PAW, or Shakespeare in the park, or the Woodstock Playhouse? Have you been to Christmas Eve on the Green? Have you admired the view at the Zena Cornfield? Have you enjoyed the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, Byrdcliffe Guild, Little League, Soccer League, Habitat for Humanity, Woodstock Loan Closet and many more? Look at the list of community organizations inside this website. As a community, we are very, very fortunate.

Volunteers Day is like a community Valentine to all our wonderful volunteers. Every volunteer deserves to have a day celebrated in their honor.


The mission of the Woodstock Volunteers’ Day Committee is to honor all of our volunteers, to enhance the efforts of all our community organizations, to raise awareness about the wide circle of kindness and generosity in our community, and to model for our children that our community values the volunteer spirit.

Volunteer’s Day – A Day of Gratitude is a day in which we all remember what is good about our community. Woodstock is the only town in America that has a volunteers’ day – a day of gratitude like this one, in which all volunteers both current and retired are celebrated. This event is not a recruitment activity, just a thank you and a demonstration of our community’s appreciation. While we are reminded every day of the considerable acts of kindness, personal generosity and bravery that our volunteers offer us on a daily basis, never asking to be thanked, on Volunteers’ Day, the volunteers are the “Guests of Honor.”

The Woodstock Volunteers’ Day Committee recognizes the members of all the charitable and service organizations in our community and the greater Woodstock area.  Our Town Picnic is organized in their honor, a music festival is performed, volunteers are treated to lunch, their children and grandchildren are provided playful activities.

You can thank them on your own, privately, or you can celebrate and honor them at this event.
It’s all good!!