You can help honor the volunteers by displaying a sign
during the weeks leading up to Volunteers’ Day at no cost to you,

  1. On your lawn,
  2. In your yard,
  3. At your shop or store.

Help let others know how much you appreciate our volunteers, and how important they are to our community.

There is no fee or charge for this sign, unless we have to mail it to you.

To get a sign:
You merely have to use one of these methods:

  1. Call this number 845-679-2485 and arrange to use curbside pick-up at Family of Woodstock, 16 Rock City Road, Woodstock, NY
  2. Ask to have a sign mailed to you. There is a mailing cost for this option of  $10.73
  3. If you need to have a sign delivered to your home in the Greater Woodstock Area, fill out the contact information in the form below and we will deliver it to you.


Fill in your contact information in the form below and let us know how you would like to receive your sign.
Thank you so much for helping.